The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party introduced a forum to discuss local contingencies and dreams.

2016-, As part of Gold Earth Dome – Nävertorp a collaboration between Hallberg and Madeleine Hatz. Hallberg proposed a dinner in the legacy of Judit Chicago. A number of artists joined up and formed a group meeting on a semi-regular bases.

2012 CityArtLab/Mural 2012, Mariestad, Götene, Skövde, Lidköping the format of foodbased creative meetings were prolonged however not as conceptual driven as during 2011.

2011, CityArtLab, Minsk (Belarus), Y-Gallery became the studio of a temporary collective of artists from Russia, Sweden and Belarus. Each night a group of invited intellectuals from Minsk joined the artists for dinner and formed ideas of what to work with during the course of the CityArtLabMinsk. It became performances that happened during the 10 days the gallery was an open studio and later as the studio became again an exhibition space. The result of the 10 days was on display and the programming of lectures and workshops continued.

2011, CityArtLab, Mariestad (Sweden), May-October invited local artists, politicians, key players in various groups as well as visiting artists and curators. The venue of the dinners was in the beginning in public settings or in private homes and during June-September they took place in a temporary kunsthalle.

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