Revolution is Still Pending (2011)

The Arcade Projects

Interventions rather than performances was the only thing possible to do on the streets of central Minsk at the time of the CityArtLab Minsk (CALM) project at Y-Gallery for Contemporary Art. New laws affecting public space were put in place earlier the same year. Among them the ban of crowds larger then three people. The development of the interventions took place in dinner conversations at the gallery and then conducted the next day as part of CALM program. We also dedicated one day to craftivism

Part of the craftivism day was to fix playgrounds. This specific shot is from the park close to the gallery. The original standard swing was gone so we replaced it with this one govered in graffiti. Birdhouses with out entrance. Was placed at different trees in Minsk.

Title: The Revolution is Still Pending
Performance by: Anna Viola Hallberg
Location: October Revolution Factory
Duration: 60 minutes
Date: December 4th 2011
(See top image)

Note: Three pink metro coins in each hand a symbol of inflation and crowd controll. In the back photographs of people in business suits. The suit Anna Viola Hallberg wears is from a jewish man in Brooklyn, NY. The fold up on right leg holds a coin. And the inside of the suit is torn. In each hand here three coins are placed to represent the new regulation in public space – only groups of people are allowed. The law is not enforced unless something additional is affecting the situation.

Title: Bela Monument of Time (live performance & video)
Location: By Y Gallery of Contemporary Art Minsk.
Performance by: Carolina Falkholt (SE), Irina Anufrieva (SE/BY) and Anna Viola Hallberg (SE) Video/documetnation: Mary/Masha Khrustaleva (BY)
Date: November 30th, December 1st 2011
Documentation by Marsha of the performances and interventins, was installed in the ongoing Exhibition CALM at Y Gallery For Contemporary Art

Title: Light/Dark Minsk
Performance: Anna Viola Hallberg (SE) & Ira Anufrieva (SE/BY)
Duration: /to be added/
Date: December  2011
Venue: Independence Ave, Minsk
Title: Light/Dark Minsk
Performance: Anna Viola Hallberg (SE) & Ira Anufrieva (SE/BY)
Duration: 20 minutes
Date: December 5th 2011
Venue: Y-Gallery for Contemporary Art, Minsk
A tribute to Marina Abramovic and Ulay’s performance Light-Dark (1977)

Titel: Creating Negative Space
Performance: Carolina Falkholt, Ira Anufrieva & Anna Viola Hallberg
Location: Y Gallery For Contemporary Art
Date: December 6th 2011 in conjunction with dinner on “art in public space”

Titel: Performing the Unperformed Performace
Performnace by:  Ira Anufrieva & Anna Viola Hallberg
Concept: Collaboration between Evgeniy Korniag (BY), Ira Anufrieva(BY/SE) and Anna Viola Hallberg (SE)
Location:  Independence Ave.
Date: December 9th, 2011
Title: Irochka, please take the chocolate. Regards from Hansyusya to everyone.

Performance by: Ira Anufrieva
Location: Y-Gallery For Contemporary Art
Date: December 7th, 2011
Title: Matsushima,  (video)
Director: Irina Anufrieva
Videographer; Marsha Khrustaleva
Other: Recordings in public space with people of MInsk

Date: December 5th-9th 2011

Titel: Carolina Falkholt
Performance/Artist: Carolina Falkholt
Location: Y Gallery For Contemporary Art
Date: December 5th 2011 at the opening of CALM

Title:  Cant resist Minsk
Artist: Anna Viola Hallberg
Medium: Photography
Location for photoshoot: Metrostation in Minsk

Title: Cant Resist Minsk Artist: Anna Viola Hallberg
Title: Cant Resist Minsk
Artist: Anna Viola Hallberg
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