- Talks Jkpgl, (State of Mind) , catalog, Jönköpings läns landsting, 2013
- Handlingsrymd, (State of Mind) by Hallberg & Karlsson Rixon, Paletten, 4/2011-1/2012
- MONUMENT: Grimmered, documents, memories, stories , catalog, by Hallberg & Karlsson Rixon,  Worlds and realities catalog from the exhibition at Gavle Konstcenter. 2012
- Palpable Curatorial Work Recollection of Spaces, (State of Mind), By Hallberg & Karlsson Rixon, Collections – a journal for Museum and Archives Professionals, V 7, 4/2011
- Curating Queer, (State of Mind) By Adam Reed, Collections – a journal for Museum and Archives Professionals, V 7, 4/2011
- Samarbete som metod by Angelica Olsson, Paletten, 2/ 2010!
- Museet som kontext by Hallberg & Karlsson Rixon, Norskt kulturråd, 2009
- State of Mind by Hallberg & Karlsson Rixon, exhibition catalog for Talkin Loud Sayin Something –four Perspectives on Artistic Research. Published in Art Monitor 4/2008.
- Interview with Hallberg & Karlsson Rixon by Mika Hannula, Talkin Loud & Saying Something: four perspectives on artistic research, ArtMonitor, 4/2008
- Today Tomorrow Forever (Resonance), catalog, Norrköpings Konstmuseum, 2006



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