Texts by

- Att tolka tystnad (Hur ska Värnamos tysta klockor tolkas?/”Att inte ansluta sig till Jönköpings handling, vad betyder det?”), by Hallberg & Manns, Jönköpings-Posten, 19 aug 2012. Text in Swedish  >>>
In conjunction with AiR Vandalorum/Typologies of Silence

- Worlds and realities catalog from the exhibition at Gavle Konstcenter. Hallberg, Karlsson Rixon.  2012

Handlingsrymd, by Karlsson Rixon & Hallberg, Paletten 2011/12, Hallberg, Karlsson Rixon. Text in Swedish.

- Palpable Curatorial Work Recollection of Spaces (2010), panel presentation in Queer Curations, at Translation, Intervention and innovation in exhibitionary practice, University of California Santa Cruz Museum and Curatorial Studies. Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals,  Vol 7. Nr 4 Fall 2011

- The Museum as Context (2009) by Karlsson Rixon & Hallberg, commissioned essay by Arts Council Norway, covering a pilot project with contemporary art in heritage museums.  Hallberg, Karlsson RixonText in Swedish (pdf)

- State of Mind by Karlsson Rixon & Hallberg (2008), exhibition catalog for Talkin Loud Sayin Something – Four Perspectives on Artistic Research. Published in Art Monitor 2008. Hallberg, Karlsson Rixon.

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