Tales and Proofs

Konstepidemin 19 okt–10 nov Galleriet Anna Viola Hallberg & Björn Perborg med Bror Kronstrand Making The Immortal

Installation view (Tales and Proofs on left hand side)
The visitor is encourage to re-hang (flip sides of photographs) and a new visual story is told in the gallery.


Instalaltion view: Making the Immoral (2013)

Titel: Tales and Proofs/Skrönor och bevis
Media: 12 two-sided wall based photography sculptures, i.e. 24 gislée prints, 100% cotton fiber archivable.
Sculpture Size: 50 x 35 x 2 cm. (Wood frame, black, passe-partout, glass, hinges)
Size installation: wallspace for expaning each photograph left and right from center
Year: 2013 / 1890-1940
Artists: Hallberg & Perborg w Kronstrand

Note: 24 scanned photographs from personal album of Bror Kronstrand, in two sided hand made frames.
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