Statement (Eng)


My works are time and site sensitive, they are approaches to insert disruptions in predominant narrations. My method is often research oriented situating a select group or topic to  intervene in a process with to dismantle social or geopolitical contingencies. It does not explore objectivity as a philosophical reson, but is based in responsiveness on personal and collective testimonies and set in context to other  pre-negotiated narratives to create new discursive contexts.

In this essence I see art as a site for elasticity, for critical dialogues, for doubt, for attempts for reestablishing a sense of direction or rhythm and yet to disengage with conformity.  I see my practice as a critical tool to reveal covert layers in society and  explore the dimension of art as a reflective ground for consciousness of shared space, and resource, from a vantage point committed to society a public entity.

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