State of Mind - Prologue (2006)

State of Mind – Prologue

Caption: State of Mind – Prologue (video still)
”Some of you have privileges that I do not dare dreaming of. Some of you have the right to be living my dream”.

Title: State of Mind – Prologue
Media: Single Channel, Color, Stereo, HD Video
Duration: 4.53 min
Voice: Russian
Subtitles: English
Location: St Petersburg, Russia
Artists: Annica Karlsson Rixon & Anna Viola Hallberg

State of Mind – Prologue
White Nights in St Petersburg, a city of expectations and possibilities. A woman is reflecting on her everyday life. The story is based on a one-year e-mail conversation with a couple in St Petersburg. From this a short story was written by the artists, then translated by one of the women and read by the other. As the couple wanted to be anonymous the footage is one single shot of The Palace Bridge 4 am in the morning as the bridge is open to allow the cargo ships to pass. Under the span of the bridge the Russian flag is seen in the distance. The colors are dimmed, and it looks black on the pink sky. For those used to seeing the bridge, the void of people in the prologue creates a tension for those used to see it dressed in light during the celebrations of the white nights.

- ROSPHOTO, St Petersburg, Russia Sept-Nov 2008
- Inside Out – Open air exhibition, European Championship of Athletics, August 2006
- Stockholm Pride (Pride pa Stan), Open air exhibition, Stockholm Pride August 2006
- Vårsalongen/Springsaloon, Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Jan – 18 March 2007
Screenings: General Swedish Consulate, reception, November 2006

Historic Flashback:
- In the summer of 2006 a G8 summit was held in St Petersburg.
- Russia held the presidency chair at the assembled European Council.
- The pressure was directed towards Russia to enforce the country to follow the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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