Stadslaboratoriet, CityArtLab Mariestad (2011)
Photo from winter of 2012

Stadslaboratoriet (2011)

Caption: 50 meter long mural in Mariestad one of many projects during CityArtLab

Hallberg started the exploratory project CityArtLab in 2011 where international art students and local communeties explored the boundaries between people and their community.

Social art practice is the core for CityArtLab working with murals, photography, video, text, performances and interventions. The mural works Hallberg have titled “A Wall to The City”, the walls have been made in different contexts but the methodology has always been the same working with storytelling and collaborative practices.

Interview by SPAN, Radio (Eng)>>>
Interview by Kultur i Väst (Swe) >>>
Interview by Kultur i Väst, TV (Swe)>>>

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