State of Mind

The installation was on tourbetween 2008-2012, it was a self organized project by the artists with different funding for  various steps in the process of making the project and for each exhibition.

Title: State of Mind
Artists: Annica Karlsson Rixon & Anna Viola Hallberg
Media: Installation, 11 color photographs (c-prints), seven monitors (sd) and one projection (hd) with sound (stereo).
Duration: 7 x 35 min of interviews, running independently (7 loops), 1 x 30 min backdrop (loop)
Voice: Russian, English, Swedish
Subtitles: English & Russian
Original installation: 65 square meters, black box video installation + wall space for 11 large format photographs.
Production year: 2008 (2006-2008)

RU info >>>

State of Mind Exhibitions
Space Taiga, St Petersburg, Russia, 2012
The Worth Ryder Art Gallery, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA, 2011
Gallery Fotohof, Saltzburg, Austria,2011
Moderna MuseetThe Moderna Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden,
October 2010 – January 2011
Y Gallery for Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus, March 2010
The Kharkov Municipal Art Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine, July-August 2009
Art Arsenal/Gogol Fest 09, Kiev, Ukraine, September 2009
Gothenburg Art Museum, Sweden September-November 2008
ROSPHOTO, St Petersburg, Russia, September-October 2008
Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden, July-August 2008


State of Mind consists of personal stories and group portraits. In large format photographs friends and families gather at different sites in the city. The video installation is constructed as a group portrait with a projection of the Neva River as a backdrop. On seven monitors all together 39 people talk about life in St Petersburg addressing LGBT issues, East-West, personal and political matters, and the view of the future. Focus is set on conditions of everydaylife for lesbian and bisexual women.

The artists, Karlsson Rixon and Hallberg, collaborated with organizations, activists and select individuals in St Petersburg during returning visits 2006-2008. Trust and friendship were important concepts collecting the documentary material.

State of Mind explores boundaries between ethics, legislation, prejudice and civic expectations of queer life in the city. Leadership, democracy and human rights are central matters. The art installation emphasizes subjects such as shortcomings and possibilities, belonging and alienation, appointed and selected identity. A discussion on intercultural perspectives to identity politics is suggested.

Among the matters brought up was how society would look like for the community in the close future. How was the personal relation to change and to what degree would one see oneselves involved? The predictions were many, but today far more are engaged in organized work striving for a fair society of equal and just treatment.

The work was made (2006-08)  and and toured (2008-2012) by the duo. In order to facilitate the tour the formed a nomadic gallery (Aview Nomad Gallery) the work is made as an collaboration with out agency of specific part. Both of them have individually and together participated in workshops, lectures, panels and presentations in relation to the work. Among them presentation at Queer Curating at University of Santa Cruz, Narrative in installations at  Moscow School of Photography 2013 and Other Europe at One Archive at University of Southern California 2014

The tour also contained a format called Lezzy Think Tank, a relay from city to city. Where the community asked question to the people in the next community regarding their situation.

A special version was presented at Moderna Exhibition 2010 >>>

Gothenburg Art Museum 2008

Partial installation view Gothenburg Artmuseum, 2008
Individual photographs >>>

kiev_Partial installation view Y Gallery of Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus , 2010, (Projection hd, 7 monitors sd, sound)


Partial installation view Gogol Festival, Art Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine, 2010


Social activism, Lezzie Think Tank, Gogol Festival, Art Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine, 2010

State of Mind travelled (2008-2011) with two formats carried out by the artist in addition to the traditional artist talks also performed at each venue. The other are two workshops done with the local activists and academic communities; Lezzie Think Tank a relay of questions pass on from one city to the next and Leaving Your Traces new video segments from each city based on a set of questions designed to give a notion of the everyday life for an LGBTQ person in that specific city.

In addition it has also been presented as an archive at Moderna in Stockholm >>>

During our first visit to St Petersburg in 2006, we noticed that production on queer life of women in Russia was quite limited. We talked to activists, artists and academics before collecting personal stories constituting State of Mind. Now, five years later, as we return to Russia with the installation it is accompanied by a segment where we ask all visitors to give their testimonial and be part of producing the continuation of the legacy of LGBT history in Russia. Our objective was, and still is, to make an art project providing challenging and critical readings as well as contributing to self organized history writing and representation.

- Annica Karlsson Rixon and Anna Viola Hallberg, Sept 2012


Works from State of Mind is part of the collections at
Gothenburg Art Museum, Gothenburg Sweden and Stena Foundation, Gothenburg Sweden. Gävle länsmuseum, Gävle Sweden


Work and tour with support from

NIFCA/Nordic institiute of contemporary art, Helsinki, Finland
Pro Arte, St Petersburg, Russia
University of Gothenburg, Göteborg, Sweden
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish General Consulate, St Petersburg, Russia
Swedish Embassy Kiev, Ukraine
Swedish Embassy in Minsk, Belarus
Stadsbudskontoret, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Pride/Europride 08, Stockholm, Sweden

Polina; Language Facilitator & translator (RU-ENG, ENG-RU)
Nadya; Language Facilitator (RU-ENG, ENG-RU)
Lilliana; Language Facilitator (RU-SWE, SWE-RU)
Tanja; Language Facilitator (RU-ENG, ENG-RU)
Irena; Language Supervision (RU)
Therese; Language Supervision (RU)


LTT, Lezzi Think Tank, Gogol Fest by State of Mind, Kiev, 2009



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