Instalaltion view: Essayfilm Making the Immoral  (2013)


Mellan mig och dig/Between the two of us (video installation, blackbox, 54,18 min, 1 channel), Cirkulaitons Centralen at Malmö Gallery Night,  Malmö 27 September

En handelsresande i evigt liv/Making the Immortal (essay film), 9 min, Uppsala International Short Film Festival, 2014

En handelsresande i evigt liv/Making the Immortal (essay film), 9 min
- Gothenburg International Filmfestival, 2014

Consolation, 16.02 min, Take Action – 83 ways to change the world
- Museum of World Culture, Göteborg, January 2008 – April 2009

Rancorous Call, DV/DVD 1 min, color, sound, found footage (collaboration Hallberg/Perborg)
- Malmo Sommarscen 2010. 28 July, 10pm, Slottstradgarden, Malmo, Sweden. (Collaboration Hallberg/Perborg)
- The International video and contemporary arts festival Waterpieces 2009, Riga, Latvia, September, 2009
- Off-LOOP, LOOP Videoart, International Festival & Fair for Videoart, Barcelona, Spain, May 21-31, 2009
- Urban Jealousy,The 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, Belgrad, Serbia, April 3rd 2009
- Urban Jealousy, The 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, Berlin, Germany 20 Nov.2008 – 7 Dec. 2008
- Urban Jealousy, The 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, Curated by Serhat koksal and Amirali Ghasemi, Istanbul, Turkey, 2008
- Art Video Screening, Örebro, Sweden, April 2008
- Art Outside ~ Making the revolution happen, Austin TX USA, March 2008
- Galleri 54, Göteborg, December 2006
- One Minute Film Festival, Toronto, CA, November 2006

State of Mind – Prologue, HDV/DVD
(collaboration Karlsson Rixon/Hallberg)
- Inside Out – Open air exhibition, European Championship of Athletics, August 2006
- Stockholm Pride, Open air exhibition,Stockholm Pride August 2006
- Vårsalongen/Springsaloon, Liljevalchs, Stockholm, 27 January – 18 mars 2007

Just Drive, 16 mm 3 min sound color
- Hamburg Film Festival, 1997
- Göteborgs Filmfestival, 1997
- Kiev Film Festival, 1997

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