Remaining Critical

An explorative workshop at the boundaries of public space
Institution: Kungl. Konsthögskolan/The Royal Institute of Art
Date: Dec 16-17 2013
Language: English/Swedish (depending on group)

Short description: The lab is an introduction to the method used by Anna Viola Hallberg in art
projects dealing with aspects of public space and the relation between the individual and the
governing bodies while navigating the system of dependency and criticality.

Day 1 (10.00-16.00)
Introduction to a research based method where process and collaboration is central. We look at normalicy as trajectory by creating friction and generating recollection.
Discussing the cores and fringes of the attached texts.
Identifying areas, brainstorming ideas and allocating key areas for possible projects to try out as interventions or site specific research on day 2 (text, sound, video, performance, photography etc -
the group decides how we will work)

Day 2 (10.00-16.00)
Mission assignment: 10-12
Site Specific work: Implementation of interventions/site specific research (outdoor) 12.15-13.15
Presentations: raw material/observations/findings and how to possibly continue to work with the material. 13.30-16 (bring lunch to presentation)
On intersectionallity
On democracy
Handlingsrymd, by Karlsson Rixon & Hallberg, Paletten 2011/12, (Swedish)

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