Installation view: Making the Immoral
Installation view: Making the Immoral
Instalaltion view: PS/DS, Making the Immoral (2013)
Instalaltion view: PS/DS, Making the Immoral (2013)

Title: PS/DS
Series: Making The Immortal
Media: Scanned letter, gislée print, 100% cotton, archivable.
Size: 160 x 60 cm. (Wood frame, black, glass)
Year: 2013 / 1921
Artists: Hallberg & Perborg

“We tell the most remarkable stories about our journeys in South America and when we have been lying the most and somebody dares to question, we encourage them to write to You to ask if it is not true. Should you receive such a letter, I am convinced that You wouldn’t give me away but testify that what I have told is the simple words of truth. ” DS

Note: Excerpt from letter dated December 19th 1921 from Gothenburg based art collector Conrad Martin Pineus (1872-1945) to Kronstrand at Plaza Hotel in Buenos Aires.


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