Title: Making the Immortal (essay film)
Media: ProRes, stereo, b/w, based on footage  (16 & 35 mm) and photographs from Bror Kronstrand (1875-1950)
Trt: 9 min


Making The Immortal is a collaboration between Hallberg & Perborg where they also have invited Bror Kronstrand (1875-1950) to participate in making the project. The work is not focusing on the 2000 painted portraits by Kronstrand but on his extarodinary life and his films and photographs. The work consists of research made at various archives in Stockholm, Mariestad and San Francisco. It is the first public presentation of Kronstrands private photographs/films.

October 2013, Galleri Konstepidemin , Gothenburg, Sweden
Premiere of the essay film and installaiton MAKING THE IMMORTAL.

Feb 2013, Supermarket 2013 at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
The presentation of the work in progress at Supermaket 2013 held a cabinet of curiosity, a shrine with Kronstrands photographic and film based self-portraits. Making The Immortal discusses aspects of being an artist and the intricate relation to cultural policy, politics and the market. It grasps on to the context of authenticity. Its a mixed media work.

Five way photographs of Bror Kronstrand
Five way photographs of Bror Kronstrand
Bror Kronstrand, Anna Viola Hallberg, Björn Perborg

Screened at Gothenburg International Film Festival: “Utifrån den i dag bortglömde porträttkonstnären Bror Kronstrands bevarade foton och filmer, ställs frågor om hur eftervärlden kommer ihåg oss och om konstnärens villkor, då och nu. Underhållande och välgjort med eftertanke.” Sara Wadell, GIFF

Gothenburg Filmfestival, 2014

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