Das Schleyerband by Klaus vom Bruch.
Das Schleyerband part2 (1977-1978)
The "Das Schleyerband" (The Schleyer-Tape), a lengthy video piece by Klaus vom Bruch, made from re-edited TV footage about the kidnapping and assassination of Martin Schleyer (President of the Employer's Association) by members of the german militant group RAF.

My Left is Your Right, 2008

My Left is Your Right – The politics of participation and circulation of identity politics in public space. Netherlands Media Art Institute, Video Votex, January 2008 (Program selection)

Programming from the Collection at NMAI/Video Vortex at Netherlands Media Art Institute
- Abramovic & Ulay, Communist Body/Fascist Body, 1979, 41’40” (sound, colour)
- Joan Jonas, Leftside rightside, 1974, 7’37” (sound, b/w)
- Mona Hatoum, Roadwork, 1985, 6’45” (sound, b/w)
- Dedo, Our Flag Is Going Forward Too (tapeversie), 1983, 11’54” (sound, colour)
- Klaus vom Bruch, Das Schleyerband, 1978, 61’25” (sound, colour)
- Martijn Veldhoen, Public Spaces,2006, 10’53” (sound, colour)


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