MURAL FORUM,  September 2014
Date: 26-28th
Venue: Falköping Art Fair, Falköping
Artists: Checke & Cyril, Artists & founders of Board Dripper Collectivo & Fesival (Mexico & Canada) – Mark Andersson, artist and founder of Örebro Street Art Fest – Dano Artist and MURAL FORUM rep in Falköping
MURAL FORUM, Session 1, Friday at  20:00
Location will be posted, Host Dano
MURAL FORUM, Session 2, Saturday   at 12:00
Location will be posted, Host Dano
MURAL FORUM, Session 3, Sunday  at  15:00
Location will be posted, Host Dano

May 22th
Time: 6-8 pm
Location: Studio, Kultur i Väst, Göteborg
From Gothenburg: Benny Cruz, Murals in Gothenburg & Projects by Benny Cruz (Presentation in Swedish) (SE)

MURAL FORUM, April 2014
Date: April 24th
Time: A) 5.30 pm – 5.50 pm, B) 6 pm-8 pm
Location A: Folketshus, Olof Palmes Plats, Järntorget, Göteborg
Location B: Studio, Kultur i Väst, Göteborg
From Gothenburg: Rommel Valenzuela (SE/ME)
From London: Stour Space

MURAL FORUM, February 2014
Session 2
Date: Feb 17th
Time: 6 pm – 21 pm
Location: Studio, Kultur i Väst, Göteborg
From San Francisco:
Susan Kelk Cervantes, Eleine Chu both from Precita Eyes
From West Sweden/Mural 2012:
Africa Coll (Lidkoping) and Dano (Falkoping)

session 1
Date: Feb 17th
Time: 9 am – 2 pm
Invited guests from West Sweden Region (not open for general public). Seminar & guided tour.
Special guests: Susan Kelk Cervantes, Eleine Chu both from Precita Eyes



Susan Kelk Cervantes, a 37-year veteran of the San Francisco community mural art movement, is the founder and director of the Precita Eyes Muralists in the Mission District of San Francisco. Established in 1977, Precita Eyes is one of only a handful of community mural arts centers in the United States. Cervantes is responsible for more than 200 collaborative community murals considered some of the finest in the Bay Area such as Cesar Chavez Elementary School, Mission Playground Pool, Precita Valley Community Center, the S.F.Women’s Building, 24th Street Mini Park and many others. She is dedicated to social change by enhancing the environment through the creation of murals while involving and educating the public through the community mural art process. The samples of work: Women’s Building

ELAINE CHU, Director’s Assistant, Muralist
Elaine Chu was born and raised in San Francisco. She graduated from School of the Arts High School in 2000 and went on to study painting and art history at the Maryland Institute College of Arts. She first became aware of Precita Eyes Muralists in high school as an intern and quickly fell in love with murals and the Mission. In 2004 she moved to Philadelphia and worked with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. There she worked as a muralist and taught after school programs teaching children art and painting. She has since moved back to San Francisco and continues to paint murals and work with Precita Eyes Muralists. The samples of work: Argonne Elementary School


2013, Monumental Murals/Zaspa Murals, Basia Sroka, City of Gdansk, Poland

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