The leakage between two artists, Bror Kronstrand Anna Viola Hallberg, two eras and geographical and geopolitical settings along the railroad track between the main harbor city Veracruz and capital Mexico City. Together the two project explore dimensions of memory both as a personal and cultural phenomena. The topic of desire is at play.

Kronstrand made this journey primarily to see the city of the Aztec. He started out in November 1923 and left Mexico in January 1924. At the time Veracruz was a major port of entry for European immigrants today. The same district today is frequented by the cargo trains with immigrants from the south “La Bestia”. Kronstrand made a number of portraits of prominent people during his stay in DF.

Reminiscence (dual projection, independent loops)
Media: 2 channel HD video, color w sound & narration.
Language: Spanish
Duration: 17.59 min

Reminiscence (dual projection sala 3/4, independent loops)
Media: 2 channel HD video, color w sound
Duration: 16.31 min
Assistant: Åsa Öhrn
Narrator & Translation: Karina Ocaña

Media: 1 channel HD video, color with sound.

Language: Spanish
Titel: Metlac – cruzando una barranca
Duration: 8.31min
Interviewee: Lucina Rangel Vargas, Jafa de departemento de monumentos históricos
Translation: Karina Ocaña
Assistant: Åsa Öhrn
Video >>>

Reminiscens: Desire
Media: Photographic Series (Hallberg & Kronstrand)
From the journey between Veracruz and Mexico City. 2015/1923

Media: Tiled street posters
Portraits of: Bror Kronstrand, Anna Viola Hallberg, General San Martin & José Gonzales
The work is turning the prestigious art of portraiture into street activism. It accentuates the concepts representable for the two artists, Hallberg & Kronstrand by having two juxtaposing portraits.



Kronstrands  notes and photographs from the journey along the the railroad between the main harbor on the Atlantic, Veracruz and the capital Mexico City.   Kronstrand made this  journey primarily to see the city of the Aztec, it  was in the winter of 1921-23.  At the time Veracruz was a major port of entry for European immigrants today. The same district today is frequented by the cargo trains with immigrants from the south “La Bestia”.

The photograph above by Bror Kronstrand  is of the bridge of the  Barranca de Metlac in Veracruz. It is a curving bridge so it could be taken from the train .  Kronstrand took this route in November 1923 or January 1924 with “El Mexicano 101″.

Later in January 1924 Kronstrand departed  for Washington DC, US  where he only stayed a short time prior to going back to Sweden . The Mexico he met was a puzzle to him  - everything at once. In 1947  he received according to his own documentation correspondence with the Mexican Embassy in Sweden, the Mexican Order – the highest recognition a foreigner can get. However among his medals that got stolen in July 2014 there is no visual presence of the medal in the last photograph taken. Nor have we been able to identify it in records in Mexico. This is however the life of Kronstrand. Stories sound so true that one believes it is he somehow surpasses the layer of real and imagined.

Project grant: Swedish Visual Arts Fund/IASPIS
Solo show  at Museo de la cuidad,  Queretaro (MX) March 6th – April 12th 2015. >>>

Åsa Öhrn, artist, project assistant, Mexico (2015)
Karina Ocana, Msc International Museum Studies, research co-ordinator, Mexico (2014-15)


Featured image:
Photo: Bror Kronstrand
Caption: Railroad between Veracruz-Mexico City, winter of 1923/24.




Use of images from Bror Kronstrand with permission from The Municipallity of Mariestad, Image Archive


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