Between The Two of US

Photo: Elin Elderud, Jönköpingsposten 


The  minimalistic videoinstallation , Between the Two of Us/Mellan mig och dig, is a video documentation of the original performance in front of camera was made during an art residency at Vandalorum Center for Art and Design in August 2014. It is a reenactment of the artists own passport photo. The work brings forward a critical stance on the migration and xenophobia.

Migration has polarized European politics for decades, a transformed landscape with open boarders for the ones on the right side of them, this accentuates a series of questions.  Developments in Iraq, Syria, Gaza and Ukraine and Swedish national politics is significant for the configuration of Between the Two of Us.

In  Between the Two of Us, several aspects engaging Hallberg are coming together; to bring forward and critique the ambiguity between the private and the public, between the narrative and the documentary and between the watcher and the watched.

The soundtrack is performed and made by  Svarta Safirer (Romani), Sîdar (Kurdish), Josef Cacan (Assyrian) och Gålmuk (Sami), four transnational groups. The musicians were given free hands with interpretation and translation of the Swedish National Anthem.

Titel: Mellan mig och dig
English title: Between the Two of Us.
Technical description: Site specific installation. Single channel work, color, sound.
Duration: 45.18

Listen >>>

RUM 203 – Jönköping, September 10th – October 5th, 2014

Web TV and aricle,  in Swedish from Jönköpings Posten, 20140910 >>>
Inauguration Sept 10th at 19.00 by Director of Culture in Jönköping,  Jörgen Lindvall. >>>
Exhibition poster >>>
Exhibition text in Swedish >>>
Panel on Freedom of Speech, Sept 30th at 19.00 >>>


Photo: Susanne Nilsson, Region Jönköpings län


Cirkulations Centralen – Malmö,  September 27th, 2014  >>>
Black box videosculpture 18.00-24.00 (Malmökulturnatt)
Short documentation from the gallery >>>




Public Space
Gotlands Konstmuseum, July 1-2, 2014
Intervention, Open a window/Öppna ett fönster (collective sound mural)

Installation view: Folkets röst (2014)

Photo:  Hilda Ärlemyr, Sveriges Radio 

Installation was first made for RUM 203 at Jönköpings läns museum in Jönköping Sweden it opened in the week of the national elections. The video does in this time contain a reference to all portaits posted in public space of politicians hence it is a reinactment of the artists passport photo brought to life via the music track. The serious face becomes affected by the acuteness of the state of the country as the tunes keep filling the void in the space.

The space has a ramp leading down to the exhibition hall. This is integrated in the installation. The only thing on any of the walls is a video monitor with the reinactment of the artists passport photo.  The space is indeed a white cube (even the floor and the ramp are white). The space is filled with music, coming from bulky speakers placed to the side of the ramp.  The interpretations of the Swedish National Anthem in four languages are played at a solid, not loud, volume. With 10 second intermission.
In 2009 Hallberg was in Oakland, California for 10 months.  Back in Europe it was election for the EU. There were far right parties trying to be elected in the democratic system, and at the same time breaching the foundation of civil liberties and human rights. It was during this time the artist started to state questions around the national sybols. Can one claim the anthem from the authorian nationalists by having it translated and performed in other languages? Would it still be precieved as a national anthem?. The project was  realized for the next election  coincide with the national election.
The  project is based on the EP Folkets Röst  made atCobra Studio in Stockholm. A collaboration between Anna Viola Hallberg (artist) och Cisela Björklund (producer).

The  four interpretations of  Thou old, Thou free,  Du gamla, du fria:
At qadmoyo u khiro at (Josef Cacan, Assyrian)
Tu qedîmê, tu azadê (Sîdar, Kurdish)
Tu lachi em purani (Svarta Safirer, Romani)
Dån vuoras, dån friddja (Gålmuk, Sami)



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