Leaving Your Traces

Dates: 2008-2012
Locations: Stockholm (SE), St Petersburg (RU), Gothenburg (SE), Kharkov (UA), Kiev (UA), Minsk (BY) and St Petersburg (RU)
Collaborating Organizations: Europride, Coming Out St Petersburg, Womens Community College, Sphere, (TBA),  QueerFest

Workshops reflecting over local LGBT life and recording thoughts and descriptions over local lgbtq life.

State of Mind travel with two formats carried out by the artist in addition to the traditional artist talks also performed at each venue.  The other are two workshops done with the local activists and academic communities; Lezzie Think Tank a relay of questions pass on from one city to the next and Leaving Your Traces new video segments from each city based on a set of questions designed to give a notion of the everyday life for an LGBTQ person in that specific city.

They are done with the local activists and academic communities and carried out at the art institutions; it consists of a relay of questions passed on from one city to the next – a way of reflecting upon the local situation of LGBTQ life.

LTT Format
::: Two segments, 60 min + 60 min. First session to respond to the topics sent from former LTT host and the second session to create topics for the next.
::: 3-5 new topics to the next LTT host
::: The topics gets delivered to the LTT host. As the installation is up and the LTT session begins the topics of the relay gets delivered. This way everyone participating gets the topics at the same time, regardless if the person is new to most group members.
::: A summary in English of the two sessions sent to aview(at)aview.se by each host.
::: A new LTT host gets appointed by the artists. Anyone can indicate interest to become the local LTT host. It can be one of several groups working together. LTT is open to everyone willing to discuss issues focusing on women.
::: It is recommended that every LTT participant has seen the installation State of Mind prior to taking part in the Think Tank.
::: Other details decided by each LTT host

A LTT session can be held as the art installation State of Mind is installed in an art venue in any city. The artists take part as observers after the introduction held in English the LTT resumes to the local language.

The session kick starts as the artists Annica Karlsson Rixon and Anna Viola Hallberg introduces the work with State of Mind. To get the maximum out of the effort every participant is requested to take part of the art installation prior to asking to join the dynamic process of the think tank. By blending what we see in other communities we try to put new light on the local one. The LTTs are open to anyone regardless identity (sex, gener, race, ethnicity etc)

At the end of every LTT, there has been a number of different components of documentation. Summary text, video, photographs etc. Part of this documentation will be shared here and more so the network between organizations and individuals keep evolving. The mission is to generate a source for inspiration and a network to share and turn to for advice.

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