Identity & Public Space


Heritage conference at the Art department

Institution: Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology
Date: Feb 22-25, 2012
Location: Bangalore, India
Co-presenter: Annica Karlsson Rixon

Organizers:  Aesthetics and Critical Studies Program at
Srishti School for Art Design and Technology and Gothenburg University (Critical Heritage Studies and Go:India Project)
Vasanthi Das, Dharma Kanna,  Johan Oberg, Dr. Sigridur Beck

The modern nation-state invented the national museums as a part of public space, public life, places of memory and identity building. It operated a selection of artefacts to be preserved in those sanctuaries as the heritage of the nation. Selection means exclusion: Important areas of the knowledge of the past were excluded from history, heritage and museological memory– both in the colonized and in the colonizing countries.

In today’s processes of globalization, regionalization and de-modernisation, the state loses its former role of representing a nation and a territory. The traditional places of memory take on new roles and their messages are often contested. New kinds of memory making are constantly invented by those groups who’s past and memories had been denied and silenced by states and colonizers.

During our workshop in Bangalore from February 22nd to Feb 25th 2012 we will meet and problematize those issues and present papers which reflect the current situation.

Special attention will be paid to Karnataka and West Sweden cases, but there are of course no thematical limits. The workshop in Bangalore will also include dialogues with activists, musuem managers and cultural managers. (Text: Srishti Univ)

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