Installation view Recursive Distance. Three channel video + 1 print




Recursive Distance
Recursive Distance, installed at Dunkers Kulturhus, Sweden

Title: Recursive Distance
Original title: Rekursivt avstånd
Trt: 16:16:16
Media: 3 channel video installation (adaptable 3 head projection), 1 Giclée print, 70×60 (Title: Rekursivt Avstånd: 57S, 48737, 1965-01-24 – 1996-03-14)
Format: ProRes, 1920×1080
Language: Swedish (no subtitles)

The foreign, the distance the ungraspable might appear strange. In Recursive Distance Hallberg evokes a space where archival material, news images and personal stories paves  way to a bridge between resistance and the existential.

The artist here uses historical references among them a direct action in 1979, where LGBTQ people in Sweden called in sick reporting homosexuality as the reason (code 302,00). A subversive action using the system to indicate how inadequate it is.

In it’s form and content the art work creates a space for the aesthetics of the 70’s and ”the personal as political”. Recursive Distance is the concluding segment of the series on Typologies of Silence. A project intersecting with so called silent discourses.

With: Eva Bohlin, Mats Matsson & Stig-Åke Petersson

Reproduction of sequence from,  Superdyke meets Madame X,  with courtesy of Barbara Hammer.

Special thanks to:
Eva-Lisa Bengtsson
Barbro Westerholm
 Eva-Lo Ighe
Stig-Åke Petersson
Ulla Manns

Cited works/archives: UR/SVT, RFSL, GayRadio, Försäkringskassan, Patientregistret & Socialstyrelse,  Kungliga Biblioteket*
CC0  licence/imagedatabases and W-Madison Archives.

* Swedish Television – The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights – Social Insurance Agency -National Patient Register  – The National Board of Health and Welfare, Royal Library.

Documentation from Dunkers Kulturhus 

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Documentation from Konsthallen, Kulturens Hus
Skeppsbrogatan 17, 971 79 Luleå, Sweden
Inauguration: June 13th @ 13.00, 2015

Recursive Distance, installed at Luleå Konsthall, Sweden

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