Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread

An explorative workshop: Concisousness of the Shared
Time: 1 hour
Venue: pre selected site close to the conference venue
Note: The workshop needs at least 3 hours to be rolled out in full for the purpose of institution staff. It can also be made in a format where the session is being video documented and then installed in the institution as part of mapping different sites in a city or as a collaboration between museums in different cities as part of a discussion of what is being shared in cultural heritage or identity.

The workshop/intervention explores potential geopolitical critical contingencies. It is also set up as a hub for sharing experiences working with art and/or activism with the institutional context.

The focus is an intervention where the museum professionals go out of the context of the institution to explore the site and expand on the consciousness to the shared.

1) introduction (walk through and assignment of person documenting and another being the cue person)
2) intervention
3) silent notes
4) debriefing/sharing of experiences

Breaking Bread – Novi Sad,  is the first in a series of interventions by cultural heritage museum staff in Public Space throughout the Balkan Region.

It  draws attention to the shared sphere both as physical space but also explores the topic of heritage and its dimensions of memory both as a personal and cultural phenomena. The project is performed from a critical stance where social conditions and constructions of identities are seen in relation to structures of power in shared space/public sphere. Its a bridge between venerable and vulnerable.

It is a continuation of artist Anna Viola Hallbergs seriesTypologies of Silence exploring contested territories/spheres between public and private and addresses so called silent discourses, from an intersectional analysis on power structures.

Visual impact:
Performers reflect over:
Vulnerability, fear, determination and what is shared

By passers:
Collective and personal memories are triggered to the context of sharing, eating, rituals, etc.
They don’t know why you are doing this. They see a breach of everyday day normalcy.

Intervention Cues:

Entering:  Insilence enter the pre selected area. Walk to and linger at the site. You are looking at group members and by passers. If you feel you can hold the gaze of someone you don’t know.  As the timer person gets into position you all do the same and move on to the “Standing” phase.

Standing:  Find the person holding the wrapped bread that you are pre assigned to.  Focus on “what is being shared”.
Make sure you don’t stand all in one line. Hold with two hands. As you make the exchange Put your left hand forward with the object receive with the right. 20-30 minutes.

Exit: Slowly dissolve the intervention. Follow the cue person.   In silence walk back to the space where the introduction took place and make notes of the experienced.

Duration: 15 min

Conference Program >>>

Caption: Site Specific Exploratory Workshop on What is Public Space/Sharing, Balkan Museum Network, Novi Sad, Serbia

 Photos by Sofija Jovanović  at Meet, See, Critically Do


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