As The Carney Goes

Madeleine Hatz and Anna Viola Hallberg went out with a videocamera and talked to people in the immediate aftermath of 911 (2001) with touch downs in time until 2002. Shattered memories, an experience of a trajectory in public space. The twin towers went down but the people on the streets came together. Media was at the time filled with the images of the towers but reflections from the people were not put in focus.
As The Carney Goes explores the emotional strain felt in the days after towers went down. The gap in between what was reported and what we saw just kept growing bigger. The war went from terrorism, to nations, to civil liberties. A time without order – words like privacy and security became highly charged. Bill Brown (Camera Surveillance Players) talks about the pillars of the constitution and the breach of privacy. The official voice of America is contrasted with the voice of the people in the streets.

“As many other New Yorkers we took to the streets reassuring ourselves that compassion still was there.” (Madeleine Hatz, September 2001.)

The film reflects up on some engaging New Yorkers actions through an era no one ever thought we would survive. It is a testimony for all people seeking a sense of home.

Title: As The Carney Goes
Production Year: 2006
Format: DVD, NTSC or PAL, region free
Duration: 6 min 20 sec
Language: English/Swedish
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary
Camera: Dir, Sound & Editing – Anna Viola Hallberg
Music: Mikael Karlsson
Postproduction: Joshua Koo Messer

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