Residency, Skovde Art Museum

AiR Skovde was founded 2014 as a collaboration between artist/curator Anna Viola Hallberg and Skovde Art Museum. AiRS is based on dialogue between the artist and society, where the museum is an integral part.

AiRS was developed  for artists working with social and critical practices. Hallberg has been developing the program together with Thomas Oldrell director of Skovde Art Museum, Sweden. During the trajectory of five years the program in addition to inviting one artist did mapping of the art scenes in focus. Each year making around 10 studio visits in addition to meeting with galleries, institutions and social organizations. Prior to the artist working in Skovde a low residency period (curatorial conversation) lay the foundation for the stay.

Up on region specific calls, artists were invited to apply to the residency that sees art as a communicative practice.

Anna Viola Hallberg was the curator 2014-2019.

AiRS is part of ResArtis Network

Air Skövde  2019
Khin Thethtar Latt ( Nora)
Residency: starting  April,   2019
Length: 2 months
Funding 2019: Västra Götalandsregionen (West Sweden Region)

Air Skövde  2018
Artist: Rui Mourão, Lisbon, South Africa
Residency: starting  April, 3  2018
Length: 2 months
Funding 2018: Västra Götalandsregionen (West Sweden Region)

Air Skövde  2017
Artist: Lhola Amira, Cape Town, South Africa
Residency: starting  April, 11,  2017
Length: 2 months
Funding 2017: Västra Götalandsregionen (West Sweden Region)

Text: Lhola Amira Talks About Memory, The Past And What It Means To Be A Woman  (Marie Claire) >>>

Photo courtesy: Lhola Amira (From the project developed during the residency with AiRS)

AiR Skövde 2015-16
 Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo, Havana, Cuba >>>
Residency:starting  April, 21,  2016
Length: 1 month + exhibition
Additional:  Oldrell & Hallberg symposia in Saint Petersburg with students at School of Engaged Art
Solo Exhibition by Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo curated by Anna Viola Hallberg
Funding 2015-16: Västra Götalandsregionen (West Sweden Region)
For more info please visit ResArtis >>>

  • Studio visits in Havana, September 2015
  • Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo is additionally selected for a solo show at Skovde Art Museum during the summer of 2016

AiR Skövde 2014-15
Artist: Anastasia Vepreva (St Petersburg, Russia)
Venue: Skövde Art Museum (exhibition and studio)
Length: 1 month + 1 week around exhibition
Description: AiR Skövde: Veprevas work will be shown at Skövde Art Museum September-November 2014. The exhibition will start with recent work and will merge into a work in progress exhibition during the residency.

Vepreva received a per diem, production budget, accomodation,  travel, a large studio in addition to exhibiting her work. The new work will be introduced in St Petersburg after the residency program in a seminar and exhibition.

Curatorial text by  Hallberg, I oss själva  >>>

If film does not play (both sound and visuals)  you can play it directly on Vimeo >>>

AiR Skövde 2014-15, Anastasia Vepreva Produced by Petra Johansson, Kultur i Väst & Kristina Meiton, MellanDig

Program outline Skövde:
Exhibition: Sept 13th – November 16th 2014
Reception:  Sept 13th
Presentation for art comunity: Sept 13th
Residency: Sept 9-14 + 4 weeks October-November
Curator for residency program & exhibition: Anna Viola Hallberg

Program outline St Petersburg:
Presentaion of AiR Skövde:  School of Engaged Art,  St Petersburg June 2014
Symposium School of Engaged Art (Chto Delat), Thomas Oldrell, Anna Viola Hallberg & Anastasia Vepreva,

Curator AiR Skövde (program & exhibition): Anna Viola Hallberg
Museum director: Thomas Oldrell
Municipal project website >>>

The project is produced with support from West Sweden Region and Creative Force/Swedish Institute.


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