Narratives and representations of Kronstrand found in personal archives, and the cultural memory of museums and archives production, all indicate ambivalence. There is a notable lack of reflection about the history about Kronstrand at archives and displays in his home town (the only place where he has some recognition). Historiography, personal and collective memory, as well as the institutional role of art as a producer of history is recurring themes. It is a source material that is systematically and consciously collected, and simultaneously, full of ambivalences and leakages. The image of a successful portrait painter stands alongside an image of a prankster, big spender and adventurer of quite stereotypical white masculine sort.

Media: HD video, color w sound
Duration: 20.34 min
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English
Research & interview made with: Ulla Manns
Interviewee: Tommy & Astrid Nyholm (Relatives of Bror Kronstrand)
Assistant: Maja Andersson

Typologies of Silence – Accumulation is inparts made with researcher Ulla Manns.  The material worked with stems from Kronstrands family, enthusiasts and archives. The initial process is shared with the preparation of  Typologies of Silence – Reminiscence.

Ulla Manns, Professor in Gender Studies, Södertörn University, Docent in History of Ideas. PhD in History of Ideas, Stockholm University. Manns is also part of the research project Time, Memory and Representation.


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