Bio (Eng)

artist/curaror/msc international museum studies
Based in Stockholm Sweden

Phone: +46 709 35 66 08
Email: info (at)


Anna Viola Hallbergs work – as an artist and curator – interacts with specific communities, while addressing social or political contingencies and by this taking on a critical stance towards public space/sphere.   Hallbergs artistic practice is informed by the notion of in-betweeness, as personal experience and geopolitical position. Her methodology in the immersive space-narrations of video, sound, photography and text brings forward a discussion on the documentary of experience, remembrance, and emotions rendering collective memory/affect and the work for social justice.   The curatorial work spans from video-based exhibitions to initiatives in public space. Additionally she extensively engage (seminars, workshops, presentations, boards) with strategic and curatorial development of publicly funded art primarily in the field of participatory, engaged, and critical practices.

Anna Viola Hallberg has received funding from Swedish National Arts Grant Committee, Swedish Institute, Swedish Embassy and West Sweden Region among others. Hallberg’s works are represented in private collections and museums in Sweden including Gothenburg Art Museum.

A central approach is  related to everyday life and the rendering of collective memory and social justice topics. Hallberg has been working with these thematics in Russia, the US, Sweden, Belarus and Mexico among other places.

Hallberg is a graduate from Stockholm Film School. She also holds a B.A in Curatorial and Cinema Studies from Stockholm University, Sweden (2003) and an M.Sc in International Museum Studies, University of Gothenburg (2008).

Anna Viola Hallberg  is a member of KRO (The National Arts Organization).

CV (pdf) >>>
Portfolio (pdf) please email info at


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