Bio (Eng)

artist/curaror/msc international museum studies
Based in Stockholm Sweden

Phone: +46 709 35 66 08
Email: info (at)

In an ongoing project Imperial Differences she elaborates on the position of in-between and within as she examines percauity and vulnerability structures relating to geopolitics and local societies.

In 2018 she was by Region Jönköpingslän appointed curator for the second edition of Side-Shows.

Hallberg is a board-member of Studio Collective Slakthusateljéerna.

In 2014-15 she worked on the series Typologies of Silences working on topics such as geopolitics and migration and consciousness of the public sphere and ethics of collective memory. Between 2006-2013, Hallberg toured the installation State of Mind (2006-08).

She is the co-founder of AiRS at Skövde Art Museum (SAM), a residency program for Extended Social  Art. She curates the residency program including the strategic development. The program have had visiting artists from Saint Petersburg, Havana, Cape Town, Lisbon and in 2019 Yangon. Togheter with the director of SAM, Thomas Oldrell they map the art scene in the specific regions by making studio visits and institutional visits. The 5 year exploration will come to an end in 2019 as the core program for the residency is put in place.

In 2019-11 and 2012 she undertook the artistic lead in two  large scale socially engaged projects together with the Municipality of Mariestad.

In 2003 she co founded Fotografins hus in Stockholm.

She has held numerous presentations at institutions such as Moderna Museet in Stockholm, School of Photography in Moscow, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, University of California at Berkeley and Santa Cruz as well as at One Archive/University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She has exhibited in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Austria, Mexico, the US and Sweden.

Anna Viola Hallberg has received funding from Swedish National Arts Grant Committee, Swedish Institute, Swedish Embassy and West Sweden Region among others. Hallberg’s works are represented in private collections and museums in Sweden including Gothenburg Art Museum.

A central approach is  related to everyday life and the rendering of collective memory and social justice topics. Hallberg has been working with these thematics in Russia, the US, Sweden, Belarus and Mexico among other places.

Hallberg is a graduate from Stockholm Film School. She also holds a B.A in Curatorial and Cinema Studies from Stockholm University, Sweden (2003) and an M.Sc in International Museum Studies, University of Gothenburg (2008).

Anna Viola Hallberg  is a member of KRO (The National Arts Organization).

CV (pdf) >>>
Portfolio (pdf) please email info at

Selected Exhibition Venues International:
- Spaces, Cleveland, Oh, USA, (2015)
- Museo, Queretaro, Mexico, (2015)
- Galleri Fotohof, Saltzburg, Austria, (2011)
- Berkeley, California, USA (2011)
- Rosphoto, St Petersburg, Russia, (2008)
- Space Taiga, St Petersburg, Russia (2008)

Selected Exhibition Venues Sweden:
- Luleå Konsthall, Luleå (2015)
- RUM 203, Jönköping (2014)
- Konstnärshuset, Stockholm (2014)
- Gävle Konstcenter, Gävle, (2012)
- Moderna, Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm (2010)
- Göteborgskonstmuseum, Göteborg (2008)
- Kulturhuset, Stockholm, (2008)
- Uppsalakonstmuseum, Uppsala (2007)
- Göteborgs Konsthall, Göteborg (2006)
- Norrköpingskonstmuseum, Norrköping (2005)

Artist Talks, Seminars, Panels – international:
- ONE Archives at the USC Libraries, Los Angeles, Californien, (2014)
- Presentation & panel, Queer in the Other Europe, ONE Archives at the USC Libraries, Los Angeles, Californien, (2014) >>>
- Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, Polen, (2013)
- Lecture, Narratives in Installation work, School of Photography Moscow , Russia, (2013)
- Y Gallery for Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus, (2010, 2011)
- Townsend Working Group on Socialisms & Sexualities,  UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California, US , (2011)
- Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, Ca,US, (2011)
- Galleri Fotohof, Salzburg, Austria, (2011)
- Paper presentation, Palpable Curatorial Work, The conference; The Task of the Curator; Translation, Intervention and
Innovation in Exhibitionary Practice at Museum & Curatorial Studies,University of Santa Cruz, California, (2011) >>>
- University of Southen California,  Santa Cruz, California, US, (2010)
- Beatrice Bain Research Group, UC Berkeley, Berkley California, US, (2010)
- Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, (2009)
- Norwegian Arts Council, Oslo, Norway, (2009)
- Rosphoto, St Petersburg, Russia, (2008)

Artist Talks, Seminars, Panels – Sweden:
- Meet See Critically Do, Keynote & workshop, Balkan Museum Network, Novi Sad, Serbia (2015)
- Symposia on Socially Engaged Art,
Skövde Art Museum & School of Engaged Art, St Petersburg, Russia (2015)
- Artist in Exile & Freedom of Speech, Panel on Freedom of expression in art and literature, Rum 203/Jönköpings Lans Museum, Jönköping, Sweden (2014)
- Typologies of Silence, ArtTalks-series, Vandalorum, Värnamo, Sweden, (2014)>>>
- Moderator at Gothenburg Filmfestival, Balcony Tales by  Helle Windelöv-Lidzelius, Lidköping, (2013)
- Typology of Silence, Seminar at Masterprogram in Gender Studies,
Sodertorns Hogskola, March 19th (2013)
- Gender Studies, Sodertorn University, Stockholm, ( 2013)
- State of Mind, ArtTalks-series, Jönköping, Sweden, (2012) >>>
- Panel, Feministiska strategier och metoder, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, (2010)

- 2015-16 Curator of Artist in residency program for Socially Engaged Art at Skövde Art Museum.
- 2014-15 Founder &  Curator of Artist in residency program for Socially Engaged Art at Skövde Art Museum.
- 2014-2013 Mural Forum/CityArtLab, Series of talks on mural arts in Sweden
2013, Purisima, Queretaro Mexico/CityArtLab “Wall to a City”
2012, Mural 2012, Sweden,  Socially Engaged Mural Arts Projects running parallell in four municipalities in West Sweden. As main team 4 guest artist from Mexico working parallell with 4 local artists.
2011 City Art Lab – Minsk, Belarus, Exploration of interventions and performances in publicspace with the gallery as a studio open to the public. Invided artists from Minsk, Moscow, Stockholm and Gothenburg working on assignments from daily dinners in the studio.
2011 City Art Lab – Mariestad, Sweden, Socially Engaged Art Project working with Social Sculpture, Temporay Kunsthalle and an international summer session “Shaping The City” in conjunction with Valand School of Arts.

Fotnote on collaborations:
2016 Gold Earth Dome – Nävertorp, with Madeleine Hatz, 2013 Making The Immortal with Björn Perborg. 2005-2012  Resonance, State of Mind, MOMENT: Grimmered with Annica Karlsson Rixon.

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