Anna Viola Hallberg is a Stockholm based artist who works from a project-based method using multidisciplinary structures. Photography, video, sound, and text are used for installations or interventions. She is a socially and politically engaged artist interested in innovative public and collaborative practices.

In an ongoing project Imperial Differences she elaborates on the position of in-between and within as she examines percauity and vulnerability structures relating to geopolitics.  In 2014-15 she worked on the series Typologies of Silences working on topics such as geopolitics and migration and consciousness of the public sphere and ethics of collective memory. Between 2006-2013, Hallberg toured the installation State of Mind (2006-08).

She has presented and lectured on public space and activist projects relating to the arts internationally,  including in India, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and the United States.

Hallberg often converge the roll of the artist and curator. She is the co-founder of AiRS at Skövde Art Museum, a residency program for Socially Engaged Art. In 2003 she co founded Fotografins hus in Stockholm and in 2019-11 and 2012 she undertook the artistic lead in two  large scale socially engaged projects together with the Municipality of Mariestad.

Hallberg has a Ma in International Museum Studies an BA in Curatorial Studies and she is a graduate of Stockholm Filmschool.
She is a member of KRO (The National Arts Organization).

CV (pdf) >>>
Portfolio (pdf) please email info at



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