Anna Viola Hallbergs work - as an artist and curator - interacts with specific communities, while addressing social or political contingencies and by this taking on a critical stance towards public space/sphere.

    Hallbergs artistic practice is informed by the notion of in-betweeness, as personal experience and geopolitical position. Her methodology in the immersive space-narrations of video, sound, photography and text brings forward a discussion on the documentary of experience, remembrance, and emotions rendering collective memory/affect and the work for social justice.

    The curatorial work spans from video-based exhibitions to initiatives in public space. Additionally she extensively engage (seminars, workshops, presentations, boards) with strategic and curatorial development of publicly funded art primarily in the field of participatory, engaged, and critical practices.

    Msc International Museum Studies
    Member of KRO/Swedish Artists National Organization

    Video or pdf based portfolio, please request via email.

    Email: info (at) annaviolahallberg.com
    Phone: +46 (0)709 35 66 08

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What Will Be? >>>
Co-Organiser & panelist, international conference
critically exploring the crossroads of social art and its
potential to
interact and produce political and social
change while maintaining an
integrated view point of the arts
and the academy. Lisbon, October 21-12

The Place of Art in Rurban Environments? >>>
Panelist, Dacapo academic platform,
Mariestad, Sept 12

Distancio >>>
Takes place in: Mullsjo, Gnosjo, Tranas and
Varnamo. Artist to be announced. Distancio explores
the notion of subaltern counterpublics through art
and its potential to hypothetically egalitarian
societies combining social equality, cultural
diversity,and participatory democracy.
Commissioned by Jonkoping County
Curator: Anna Viola Hallberg

Organism >>>
A Social Art Project addressing the studio crises by
challenging current systems and presenting affordable &
sustainable studios.

Monument Studios >>>
Collaboration platform with Camilla Wessman

NEBULA - Traces of Time Deviations
and the Reflections There of
Multi channel, installation/exhibition
Work in Progress

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Projects prior to 2018>>>