Recursive Distance at Dunkers Exhibitions >>>
Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden: Sept, 2016 – Jan 2017

Studiovisits by Hallberg & Thomas Oldrell in Cape Town, Nov 2016
AiRS artist will be selected in the process for the 2017 residency with Skövde Art Museum. Hallberg & Oldrell will also conduct a number of institutional visits.

Swedish Arts Grant Committee selects Hallberg for  “The One Year Grant. Oct 2016

Recent: Gold Earth Dome – Navertorp, Katrineholm Sweden
June-September, 2016 >>>
Collaboration with Madeleine Hatz. A project in collaboration with Sweden Public Art Agency with additional support from Kulturbryggan.

The  immersive space in Hallbergs site specific spatial  installations are compiled of video, photography and text. They are often co presented  with  seminars or workshops in to an extended practice.  The works can be described as  documentary explorations with interviews, archives and portraits as the points of departure to expand up on a space where the viewer enters the narrative from personal layers based on memory  and experience.

The artistic position is located in contemporary and historic narratives connecting spheres of existence to larger social and political processes . The notion of the ethnographer is present in the combination of a practice based in documentary an tunneled via conceptual treatment.  Where she explores the positions of within and inbetween in the fabric of the installation as a physical sphere. The tension with the absence, and presence the relation between still and the moving image and the notion where the two meet. This brings forward contingencies on geopolitical conditions and critical reflections on belonging.

Hallberg has also undertaken artistic and curatorial work in the expanded domain of social art practice  in Sweden, Russia, Belarus and Mexico . She is curator and coordinator for AiRS at Skovde Art Museum.


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